Sprint High Performance Air Filter

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Why choose a Sprint Filter?

The R127S Filter has 210% more filter surface area than OEM!!! (if you're looking for the best air filter for your Panigale, this IS it!)

The common performance air filters on the market are composed of a very large diameter cotton yarn, the polyester air filter that comprises the Sprint filters instead consists of much smaller and calibrated yarns. Thanks to this type of construction the polyester fabric of the Sprint filter allows a better filtration of particles combined with a better air permeability, which has been proven by tests performed. It is necessary say that the cotton fabric results obtained were not constant, this is due to the weak structure and mobility of cotton gauze. The polyester fabric data acquired always remained constant and precise.

Filtration Efficiency:

The diagram shows the filtration efficiency of the two fabrics, it must be said, however, that the test was carried out in water and not in the air, all to the advantage of the cotton, whose fibers swell have allowed for better filtration efficiency, however, the polyester has obtained the best results, holding 93.13% of the particles of 100 microns against the 76.42% of the particles of 100 microns retained by the cotton.

Air Permeability:

The diagram shows the air permeability of fabrics in 20mm H2O, the values obtained with the polyester are higher than those obtained with the cotton: 5.050 l/m2 s against 4.200 l/m2 s of cotton.