Alpinestars Tech-Air

Alpinestars Tech-Air Airbag Technology for MAXIMUM rider protection both Street and Track!


Alpinestars makes TWO air-bag systems for different applications, and we sell BOTH systems, and BOTH can be used for both street and track. Some key differences are laid out below to help you decide which is right for you.


Tech-Air RACE Vest

This is Alpinestars Integrated Airbag system, which is designed to be installed INTO ONLY an Alpinestars Tech-Air Compatible jacket or racing suit. Even though it's called "RACE", it's actually still a STREET-compatible system, the software allows the vest to be set to either STREET or RACE mode so it will deploy correctly for the application. This system gets zipped INTO and plugged INTO the integrated wiring in the garment, and the entire thing works as one system.


  • It's all self-contained in the garment once installed and is very easy to take on and off since it's part of the garment. 
  • For TRACK applications, this is Alpinestars TOP level of protection available, same as worn by professional riders.
  • For sizes XL and below, when set to RACE mode and worn on the track, there are TWO deployments available before the unit needs to be sent in to be repacked and reset, which costs approximately $239.


  • You must have an Alpinestars Tech-Air Compatible garment to install the vest into, so for most people that means you're buying a new jacket or suit to wear the vest with. If you're already in the market for a new jacket or suit, then it's a great time to get it all done, but if you already own gear that you're happy with and just want the added protection of the airbag technology, then the Tech-Air 5 System may be better for you.
  • Most expensive solution at $1149.


Tech-Air 5 Autonomous Airbag Vest

This is Alpinestars Autonomous Airbag system, which is designed to be installed UNDER any jacket or racing suit, not just Alpinestars Tech-Air compatible ones, but ANY jacket or racing suit you already own. The only caveats to that are that if it is a LEATHER jacket or suit, Alpinestars recommends that you have 40mm of slack in the garment when worn over the Tech-Air 5 Vest to allow for expansion of the airbag if it is deployed. For a textile garment, there is no concern since there is more stretch to a textile garment than leather. Since the Tech-Air 5 provides full upper-body protection, you can get rid of your current back-protector and chest protector when wearing the Tech-Air 5 vest, and the Tech-Air 5 vest doesn't take up any more space than a typical strap-on back protector does, so for MOST riders you'll find the Tech-Air 5 fits nicely under your current jacket/suit.


  • You DON'T need to buy a new jacket/suit to use, just put the Tech-Air 5 Vest on and then put your current or jacket or suit on over it.
  • No installation required, so if you're going to use it for both street and track, it's a piece of cake since it's independent of the garment.
  • Quick/easy switching between STREET and RACE mode via the Alpinestars Bluetooth app on your phone, only takes a few seconds.
  • You can ditch your strap-on back and chest protectors, all you need is this vest and then your jacket/suit to go over it.
  • Very affordable solution at $699


  • When wearing under a race suit, you may need to remove some or all of the foam in the race hump on the back of the suit to allow clearance for the sensor unit on the Tech-Air 5 vest, and you may need a friend to help you keep the vest pushed down while putting on your suit if it has a tendency to ride up as you pull the suit up onto your shoulders.
  • In both STREET and RACE mode, there is only ONE deployment available before the vest needs to be sent in for a repack/reset, which costs approximately $179.
  • If your leather jacket or suit is extremely tight-fitting already, you may not have enough room in it to wear the Tech-Air 5 vest under it. This would not be common, but for example if you have a race suit you're wearing that you bought when you weighed 20 lbs. less than you do now, you may need to think about it and come TRY ON the Tech-Air 5 vest with your suit beforehand.


We find that MOST of the buyers of the Tech-Air systems are buying them primarily for TRACK use, even though they may also wear them on the street. This is mainly due to the reality of miles ridden vs. crash likelihood being higher for track miles than street miles. Of course the injury per crash ratio is MUCH higher for street crashes than track crashes, so it's not like there's no benefit to wearing on the street. But in general the track rider is more "motivated" to get into airbag technology from what we've seen.

Typical questions we get go like this: "Well, I'm getting it for the Track so really the Race Vest is what I need, right? The Tech-Air 5 won't be as protective as the Race vest, right? So that means I have to buy a whole new suit plus the Race Vest, so I'm looking at a few thousand bucks to get this done, right?"  Well, the answer is NO, if you have a good quality suit in good condition that fits you properly, you DON'T need to buy a new suit and the Race Vest. The Tech-Air 5 vest will offer you VASTLY IMPROVED safety vs. the armor you're currently wearing in the suit. At the very pointy end of the scale, YES the Race Vest offers just a little more protection on the track vs. the Tech-Air 5, but the difference is small vs. the difference between conventional armor compared to the Tech-Air 5 vest. Wearing the Tech-Air 5 vest will give you MUCH BETTER protection and increase the likelihood that you walk away with a scuffed bike and ego, but much less severe physical injuries than you may have had without it. So if you have a suit already, just get the Tech-Air 5 vest and be protected. If you have a crappy quality, damaged, old, or ill-fitting suit, then you might want to consider getting a new Tech-Air Compatible suit and the Race Vest combo, since it IS a little more convenient to wear being all integrated.

See below for our selection of Tech-Air Vests and compatible garments. We have MORE compatible garments available as well that aren't listed, contact us if you're looking for ANY Alpinestars garment, we can get them ALL just don't have time to constantly update the list on our web site as new ones come out.