Our multi-step helmet fitting process ensures you get the PERFECT helmet fit!  We go the extra mile and do a LOT more than just have you try helmets on until one feels ok and send you out the door.  That's what the other guys do, but not Ducati Omaha!  We start by measuring your head circumference to match to the manufacturer specification for shell size to ensure you are getting the proper size shell, which is the BIGGEST aspect of ensuring you get the proper safety from your helmet, but that's only the beginning!  We have you try various helmets on to check the shell SHAPE for your particular head shape. The truth is that some brands of helmets will just NEVER fit right on certain shaped heads. With our decades of combined experience fitting helmets, we can often just look at you and tell you which helmets may or may not have the right shape for you.  But when you try them on, you'll know for sure.  We use a multi-angle fitting procedure to match the shape of the shell for you.  The last step in the fitting process is to ensure the liner, including the cheek pads, are the proper thickness for you, and if not we'll swap them out to ensure the proper fit.  After we have that all worked out it's time to pick your color or graphics package and enjoy your PERFECT new helmet!

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