Race Tires

Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin Motorcycle Race Tires - Slicks and DOT Race Tires.  These are the REAL motorcycle road racing tires, not street tires.  Contact us if you have questions on compound choices or other technical questions on your purchase. 

Tire Pressure Guidelines - Pirelli:
CLICK: Pirelli Fitment / Tire Pressures

Tire Pressure Guidelines - Bridgestone:

BASELINE tire pressures for Bridgestone R11 Race Tires:

These pressures are HOT off the warmers after 45 minutes, and please note if you are coming from the prior generation R10 race tires, these pressures are different and especially the rear R11's have a stiffer carcass and therefore run a lower pressure than the R10's required. If you are not running tire warmers and need to set the pressures cold, drop 2 lbs. front / 3 lbs. rear below these guidelines to start with and then check the pressures hot off the track after at least a few laps at pace.

110F 34-35 psi
120F 30-31 psi

140/150R 25-26 psi
180R 25-26 psi
190R 25-26 psi
200R 23-25 psi


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