Pre-Owned Motorcycles


Ducati Omaha has a wide selection of used bikes of all makes and models!  We offer PREMIUM pre-owned Ducati motorcyces as well as everying from Harley-Davidson cruisers to Japanese sportbikes to European standards and everyting in between!  These are the NICEST used bikes in the area!

We use a proprietary Market Scan™ Pricing Tool to determine the actual live market-driven expected SELLING price for all of our pre-owned inventory and we price our bikes based upon that.  You won't find overpriced bikes gathering dust at Ducati Omaha, our average used bike is only on our floor for 23 DAYS!!  We sell pre-owned motorcycles NATIONWIDE and in fact 50% of our used bikes are SHIPPED!  We are EXPERTS at handling out-of-state purchases, and we will ship your bike right to your door, contact us for details!

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