E-Bikes at Ducati Omaha


Ducati Electric Bikes at Ducati Omaha

Why an E-Bike?

Electric bikes are the HOTTEST market segment in bicycles for good reason, they facilitate much more utility, distance, thrill and capability for every cyclist, from the new rider to the seasoned veteran! Ducati Omaha is thrilled to add the complete line of Ducati electric bicycles to our product mix, becoming a premium electric bike dealer in Omaha for the first time in our 15-year history! We're very excited about eBikes as many of our staff and customers are already bicyclists, and we see the obvious crossover between our motorcycling and bicycling hobbies.


EBikes are NOT designed to reduce the amount of exercise you get riding a bike, it's actually quite the opposite!  Electric Bicycles allow you to ride FARTHER and FASTER to cover more ground, see more scenery, and encourage you to ride your bike MORE and in situations that you might otherwise choose to drive. EBikes allow you to RIDE to your maximum potential!

RECREATION - An electric bike will allow you to explore more terrain and trails during a riding session, adding to your fun! If you are an off-road mountain bike rider, the ebike will allow you ride TO the trails, and climb the hills (the boring part) much faster and without using up all of your energy, so you can really enjoy the FUN parts of the trail! If you are a bike path or road rider, the ebike will allow you go a lot farther using the same amount of energy, you'll still get your exercise but can cover a lot more ground and see more scenery!

COMMUTING - An electric bike allows you to enjoy the outdoors and ride back and forth to work rather than driving, while also minimizing the most exerting parts of the ride to keep you fresh and not drenched in sweat when you arrive at work. What may seem a daunting ride under all leg power can all of a sudden seem much more feasible with an assist when needed, especially on the hills.

The electric assist on our style of Electric Bicycle only assists your own pedaling, it does not propel the bike on it's own. Some EBikes have a separate throttle control and are more of a scooter than a bicycle. Those types of EBikes are not legal for bicycle path usage, limiting their utility for most riders, and provide no exercise benefit.


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T.H.O.R. - Nonprofit group advocating and maintaining local off-road trails

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Click the image below to learn about the DUCATI range of e-Bikes, powered by Thok:

Ducati MIG-S e-MTB powerd by Thok - Available NOW!

Ducati e-Scrambler - Available NOW! (Italian review video, but you'll get the point even if you don't speak Italian!)


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