Apparel & Riding Gear

Ducati Omaha carries a complete selection of riding gear for all riders!  We specialize in premium brands and a premium purchase experience.  We will not only help you find the proper FITTING gear, we'll help you find the gear that suits your own typical riding conditions and gear that will last you for many years.  Come see the difference that professional fitting from a professional staff makes!  Supporting Ducati Omaha also means you're supporting a locally-owned small business, NOT a corporate conglomerate or internet company trying to take over the world, we truly APPRECIATE your business and you'll be treated like a FRIEND at Ducati Omaha!



Ducati Omaha is THE premium helmet fitting center in the Midwest!  Not only do we have the largest selection of top-quality helmets in the area, our staff is trained on the nuances of fitting you into the PERFECT helmet!  If you've ever been frustrated with trying on helmets of the rack and never finding anything that really feels like it fits you perfectly, or even worse, buying a helmet and then a week later realizing it really doesn't fit all that well...... we have your solution!  We use a multi-step helmet fitting process to ensure the perfect fit, stop by and we'll take good care of your noggin' with the BEST helmets from Ducati.




We consider gloves to be the 2nd most important piece of safety gear behind the helmet.  No other piece of gear affects your comfort and ability to control your motorcycle more than having a comfortable and properly-fitting pair of gloves.  Just like helmets, it can be difficult to find a comfortable pair of gloves that fit you PROPERLY!  All aspects are important, including hand width, finger length, flexibility, palm material, armor placement, etc.  We will help you select the perfect gloves from Ducati.!




There are a TON of options on the market for jackets these days, and it can be pretty daunting to narrow down a selection.  Once again Ducati Omaha is here to HELP!  Whether you're picking one jacket to use for the entire season, or a seasonal jacket, we have what you need.  Shop our selection of the best jackets on the market from Ducati.

*** Be sure to check out the TOP LEVEL protection of the latest air-bag technology jackets and stand-alone vests from Alpinestars Tech-Air! ***




Much like gloves, boots have a huge impact on your comfort AND your ability to operate the foot controls on your motorcycle!  We often see riders neglecting this piece of critical safety gear, choosing instead to wear regular sneakers, hiking boots, etc. and there's just no reason to do that!  Foot and ankle injuries can be some of the most devastating injuries to recover from, even from MINOR crashes, and non-motorcycle boots (or even worse, tennis shoes) don't offer the same level of protection that a true motorcycle boot does!  We can fit you in all-season or seasonal boots from the best in the business!



Riding Pants

This is probably the least-often purchased piece of motorcycle safety gear.  Most riders tend to ride in regular jeans, but we're confident if you saw the advantages of motorcycle-specific pants you'd be a convert!  There are a lot of great options available now, including dedicated riding jeans which LOOK just like regular jeans but offer a much higher level of protection than traditional denim!  



Leather Suits

For the track, or most aggressive sport riding, it's all about a full leather suit, and we have the BEST options on the market!  There's nothing more difficult to fit PROPERLY than a leather suit, and our staff is factory-trained to get you the perfect fit in an Alpinestars or RS Taichi suit!  PLUS if you just don't fit properly in an off-the-rack suit, we are a CUSTOM-FITTING center for RS Taichi suits!  PLEASE don't blindly order leather suits online from one of the big warehouse sellers (you know, like Racebike Street Gear, Throttlezilla, Cycle Cog, Muffy Moto, etc.), we know it's convenient, but there's no substitute for a suit fitting professional eyeballing your suit fit.  Ducati Omaha is the PREMIUM track gear shop in the region that has leather suits IN STOCK and ready for you to try on, we're SERIOUS about helping you get the perfect suit! 

*** Be sure to check out the TOP LEVEL protection of the latest air-bag technology suits from Alpinestars Tech-Air! ***



Motorcycle Airbag Technology

We're now living in the glorious age of airbag technology for your riding jacket and leather suit!  This is the TOP LEVEL protection available on the market for both street and track!  These systems are very sophisticated AND very effective, and have been test and perfected in top-level professional racing for a decade now. 

Being track riders ourselves for the past 10+ years we have extensive experience with what actually WORKS to protect riders in crashes, and we can say unequivocally that the airbag technology on the market today WORKS!  And it's not just a small difference, the level of protection offered by airbag suits is several notches above everything else on the market in protecting riders against the most common injuries.  No technology can protect you from everything, but the most common injuries such as broken collar bones, dislocated/broken shoulders, etc. are virtually non-existent in riders wearing airbag suits these days.  This is the reason that the top professional racing series have mandated the use of airbag suits, it's not just a minor advantage, it's a HUGE advantage!  We are EXPERTS in this technology and can walk you through every aspect of how the systems work and get you fitted up for the "Last suit you'll ever wear"! 
Last Suit You'll Ever Wear