DucBucks Rewards Program

DucBucks Rewards Program Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Once I've earned DucBucks rewards points, how can use those points to get discount coupons to use on future orders?

A) Once you hit the level of points required for any of the coupon values, you can create a coupon for that value. We've listed the coupon values below along with the minimum order required to use that value of coupon. So let's say you have 5000 points, this translates into $50 worth of discounts, and you could create 5 $10 coupons, 2 $25 coupons, or 1 $50 coupon. The limitation is that when you use the coupons on an order to get the discount, you can only use ONE coupon, so you need to make sure you create the value of coupon that you want to use for an order. What most people do is just leave the points on their account until they're ready to place the next order, then decide which value of coupon makes the most sense for that order. So for example if you had that 5000 points on your account, and you were getting ready to place an order for $175, to maximize your discount you would create a coupon for $50 to use on that order. If you ever create a coupon and don't use it, and then decide you'd like to convert those points back and get rid of the coupon, all you need to do is e-mail us at parts@ducatiomaha.com and we can delete a coupon you created and add the points back to your balance so you can use those points to create a new coupon of a different value.
DucBucks Coupon Value Options
$10 off coupon (Minimum $50 purchase)
1000 DucBucks
$25 off coupon (Minimum $75 purchase)
2500 DucBucks
$50 off coupon (Minimum $100 purchase)
5000 DucBucks
$100 off coupon (Minimum $200 purchase)
10000 DucBucks
$150 off coupon (Minimum $300 purchase)
15000 DucBucks
$250 off coupon (Minimum $500 purchase)
25000 DucBucks
$500 off coupon (Minimum $1000 purchase)
50000 DucBucks