Pre-Owned Consignment Sales

Ducati Omaha Consignment Sale Program

Consignment Sale Program


So you have a bike that you're not riding.........  You'd like to sell it, but not sure how.  So what do you do?   We have a GREAT option for you at Ducati Omaha - our Consignment Sale Program!  This program is only for CLEAN late-model pre-owned motorcycles over $5000 in value - especially Ducati motorcycles but any desirable clean late-model bike is eligible.  If YOU have one of these, and want to SELL it, read on!

Benefits to selling your bike on the Ducati Omaha consignment program:

  1. NATIONAL SALES NETWORK with thousands of potential customers!  Ducati Omaha is a nationally-recognized premium pre-owned retailer with happy customers form coast-to-coast.  We market through multiple channels simultaneously to ensure the maximum exposure to potential buyers.  And we're not limited to the local market area, we are experts at arranging out-of-state sales transactions and shipping bikes to the new buyer, wherever they may be!  
  2. Ducati Omaha can offer financing and warranty options for buyers of your bike in-house, and the higher the price of the bike, the more critical that is to getting it SOLD!  Just TRY to sell a higher-priced pre-owned bike as a private party, and you'll quickly see that the market is virtually non-existent.  Your bike may be listed for weeks or MONTHS with no serious interest!  Lenders DO NOT like to make loans on private-party used vehicle transactions, which severely limits the pool of available buyers for those bikes.  Most of us are not fortunate enough to be able to stroke a check for $10k+ to buy a bike, we need financing options, and Ducati Omaha can offer that!
  3. YOU don't need to deal with any details or potential buyers yourself, we take care of the entire process for you!  You'll have no one coming over to your house, and your privacy is protected, which is becoming increasingly important these days.
  4. We handle any lender payoff you may have on the bike for you.  If you try to sell a bike as a private party that has a loan on it, you'll find that virtually NO ONE wants to buy your bike.  There are too many risks in buying a bike from a private party if they don't have the title in hand, whereas for a licensed dealership it's no problem at all since we are legally licensed and bonded for carrying out title transfer transactions, so buyers can TRUST that there will be no titling snags.
  5. We can sell the bike for a realistic market sales price, which you would have a very hard time doing as a private-party seller.  We've heard over-and-over from people who tried to sell a nice clean used bike on Craigslist or eBay as a private party, and experienced nothing but frustration at constant low-ball offers.  That's because the typical buyers of private party used bikes are looking for a BARGAIN, they're not looking for a high-quality premium pre-owned unit.  If you have a NICE high-quality pre-owned bike to sell, WE CAN SELL IT FOR MORE - usually a LOT more.  So in the end, you not only save the frustration of dealing with the sales process, you will pocket more from the transaction.  We can also typically sell the bike much FASTER, in fact our average pre-owned bike is SOLD in just 24 days!
  6. We offer a consignment-trade program!  If you are just thinking of getting something different, and not quite sure what yet but you've had all of the fun you're going to have with your current bike, you can take advantage of our consignment-trade program!  This program gives you the OPTION of converting your consignment bike to a trade-in if you decide to get another bike from Ducati Omaha, saving you typically HUNDREDS of dollars in sales tax credit on the new bike!  For details on this program, contact us!

So how does it work?

We have a comprehensive, multi-step consignment sale process, which ensures a smooth and seamless transaction for both YOU and the lucky person who buys the bike.  

  1. You contact the Ducati Omaha Sales Department to discuss consignment sale options.  We will discuss options and let you know how the process will work.
  2. We will provide you with a Consignment Details questionnaire to fill out, this will document all of the specific details of your particular bike and give us the information we need to provide an accurate pricing analysis for you.  You can either do this in-person at the Ducati Omaha store or we can e-mail it to you to fill out and return.
  3. We will complete a Market Scan® Pricing Analysis of the bike, and determine an expected sales price for the bike.  We'll then review this with you to give you an expectation of what we think the bike will sell for.  Our Market Scan® tool uses current bike sale data from multiple market sources to see not only what similar bikes are actually SELLING for in the local area, but the ENTIRE national market as well.  We have a high level of confidence in our pricing estimates based upon this method.  
  4. If you decide to move forward with the consignment sale process, the next step is to bring the bike in for a Consignment Inspection.  Our shop experts will go over the bike with a full multi-point inspection process to ensure that the bike is ready for sale.  Please note that if the bike is not current on it's service requirements, this will need to be completed BEFORE the bike is accepted for consignment sale.  Our pre-owned buyers expect a fully-serviced and ready-to-ride motorcycle when they buy from us, and consignment bikes are no exception.  We require all consignment bikes to be in the same condition as a bike that we have taken on trade ourselves and are putting up for sale.  This ensures a satisfactory experience for all buyers.

If you are interested in selling YOUR bike on the Consignment program, contact the Ducati Omaha Sales Department at 402-408-4400 or