The Ducati Omaha Demo Experience

Ducati motorcycles born in the heart of Motor Valley in Italy are some of the most beautiful works of moving art that you can look at today! And we here at Ducati Omaha believe that your new Ducati shouldn’t just move you when you look at it, it should also move you when you ride it!

The Ducati Omaha Demo Experience Program exists to help you decide which model is right for your lifestyle in the best way possible, by experiencing firsthand the thrill and emotion of riding one! Our experienced staff will provide you with a professional presentation and lead you on a dedicated route where you will be able to get a real feel of the motorcycle.

*Please note! Requests for the Demo Experience are subject to availability and scheduling!

See below for our currently available models!

Scrambler Icon (2G) - Ready to Book

Our Take – The new 2G 803cc Scramblers are a welcome change to our Heritage brand. Thanks to the redesigned chassis and electronics suite - (which now includes not JUST lean-angle sensitive Anti-Lock Brakes but also Ducati Traction Control!) - The new 2G models are lighter, smoother, and more fun to ride than ever before. Ducati doesn’t hide the fact that this is a modern bike so they’ve updated the display, which is brilliant, and the style remains true to its heritage while also still being a custom builders dream! We think you will LOVE the new 2G Scramblers!

Additional Performance Equipment - Sparkling Blue Fairing Kit


Scrambler Urban MotardRetired

Our Take – This Scrambler has flown completely under the radar! The riding position is dynamic and the styling is a blend of modern motard design and old school class. One of the best parts of this ride is the 17 inch sport bike sized wheels, giving it near sportbike handling characteristics. It’s one of the best handling 1G Scramblers made and we are sure you will love it!

Additional Performance Equipment – (This one is fully loaded!) DP Termignoni Racing Low Mount Exhaust, Upgraded footpegs, Tail Tidy, Headlight guard and LED blinkers, fender removal kit


Diavel V4Ready to Book

Our Take – Wow! Ducati really knocked it out of the park on this one. The looks are bold and instantly striking and the moment you start moving. Everything you thought you knew about the Diavel vanishes. It is every bit as comfortable as any modern cruiser but just like the Panigale V4 Superbike, Ducati’s decision to move to the V4 engine platform has improved nearly every facet of the riding experience. The V4 engine is smooth and easy to control but still has that lovely L-Twin-ish torque that we all love. Bottom line - We would put the handling of the new Diavel V4 up with some of the best sport nakeds in production. It rides like it does, while retaining that glorious muscle bike rear end (que the brilliant brake light and 240 section wide tire!) The Diavel V4 moves like a star NFL Linebacker – hauling its weight and passengers like a freight train and still able to make clear and concise changes in direction to find the ball carrier. Just like that linebacker hunting the ball – The new Diavel V4 hunts the Apex. We are officially wowed on this one and we believe that you will be too!

Additional Performance Equipment – DP Akrapovic Racing Exhaust Kit, DP Touring Windshield


Multistrada V4 S TRReady to Book

Our Take - We are big fans of the Multistrada and those of you who have been around our shop for a while now know this much. You cannot deny the spec sheet – 170 horsepower out of a V4 Engine that only needs its valves adjusted every 36,000 miles! Where else can you find that?!? Ducati has painstakingly designed the new Multistrada V4 to meet the demands of the traveling pilot. It has the perfect rider triangle to log miles! This bike is excellent for carrying your precious passenger with a back seat that is spacious, grab rails to hold on to, and an available 48L top case with backrest! The aerodynamic designs of the windshield and fairing help keep you cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold, all while directing air around your passenger. Ducati even tells us that due to the air bubble created by the fairing this moto is nearly 5 db quieter than its next closest competitor! You can buy a factory designed lowering kit which takes the seat height down approximately 2 inches from standard. Shorter Inseam riders rejoice, finally a Multistrada that you can be 100% comfortable on! We LOVE the Blind Spot Detection and Adaptive Cruise Control features also! You literally do not have to take your eyes off the road – It is immensely useful and we think you will LOVE IT! The tank shape is designed in such a way to promote optimum ergonomics and control while you are in the standing position. If you need to tiptoe around an obstacle, the smoothness of the V4 engine will grant you your wish. You want to crest that hill with the front tire in the air? The Multistrada V4 will grant you your wish. If ever there was an opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon in the form of a motorcycle then this is it, and we believe that you will think that too!

Additional Performance Equipment – DP 48L Top Case Kit w/ color matched panels


Monster PlusReady to Book

Our Take - We know! The new Monster is a radical departure from the trellis framed Monsters of the past. But trust us – Ducati has made up for any styling quarrel you may have by having built one of, if not the most fun Monster to ride EVER! When we say that this thing is fun we mean it. The Panigale-derived frame and design of the chassis has caused a major weight drop! It is lighter and more nimble than its predecessors while still being smooth and friendly to ride. Did we mention that you can also get it lowered via a factory designed lowering kit for nearly 2 inches lower seat height?!? We'll say it again... Short inseam riders - rejoice! Ducati has stayed true to the roots of what the Monster was – A chassis born of superbike-derived goodness slapped together with a tank and a handlebar and GO – And we are confident it will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Additional Performance Equipment – stock


DesertX – Ready to Book

Our take - Ducati tells us that their aim with the DesertX was to build a true 50/50 on/off-road bike. That is the ethos with the DesertX. So far the impressions from our owners conclude - The DesertX is responsive on the road, has a brilliant and time tested 937cc Testastretta engine that showers you with torque, attached to a chassis that trucks through off road paths. It is stable on the open road with a cockpit that lends itself very favorably to stand up riding confidence. This is a big bike that will take you and a passenger anywhere you want to go AND it will make you feel pro-level confidence should you embrace adverse terrain. The styling throws a left hook that sends you right back to an 80’s Dakar Rally and it can be set up as a daily riding companion or outfitted for the rider whose soul beckons for some serious adventure. We love the styling and the readiness of Ducati’s DesertX and we are confident that YOU will too!

Additional Performance Equipment – DP Heated Grips, DP Soft Saddle Bag Kit


Panigale V2Ready to Book

Our Take – The Panigale V2 is one of our most loved superbikes from Ducati EVER! It’s packed with features that were previously available only in the Panigale V4, and looks absolutely gorgeous in person. It is agile and lightweight, providing you with the experience of “big bike” power and torque but with the handling of a middleweight. The 955cc Superquadro engine is a mechanical beast that will get your heart racing! It is an exotic experience that you will not soon forget!

Additional Performance Equipment – Pending


Streetfighter V4 S – Ready to Book

Our Take – The Streetfighter V4 is amazing. Period. The engine, aptly named after its MotoGP derivative, sounds like a frantic F1 race car, especially w/ the Akra performance exhaust installed, and it delivers a linear power curve that can send you to Saturn and back! The chassis is stable and you feel completely in control at coffee shop speed or at full flight! The Streetfighter V4 is a real warrior in a garden and we think that you will be just as amazed as we are that this motorcycle exists and that you can actually own it!

Additional Performance Equipment - Pending


Hypermotard 698 Mono – Ready to Book

Our Take - A single cylinder engine from Ducati. YES! We’ve been asking for this for many many moons now.. And we are so happy that Ducati has delivered on it! They have taken a 1285cc Superquadro engine, 116mm bore and all, and cut it in half. The first order forces are completely balanced by 2-balancing countershafts located in the engine crankcase, which means this single has very favorable vibration characteristics compared to every other single on the market. That’s good news because it’s also the highest revving single cylinder engine on the market! Beyond the brilliance of this new engine, the Hypermotard 698 chassis now represents Ducati’s interpretation of a true supermoto! What that means more than anything else is FUN!

Additional Performance Equipment – Pending


Requirements to take a Ducati demo ride:

  1. Valid and current motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license
  2. Your own helmet and riding gear
  3. Proof of insurance (either current motorcycle or auto insurance policy under your name)

    If you are interested in a demo ride appointment for a specific model you are interested in, we would love to see you any time, just use the Demo Ride Request Form or contact the Ducati Omaha Sales Department at 402-408-4400 or



    Our store demo models are highly-prized, fitted with some of the best performance accessories, and cared for by our very own. Did You know that our Demo models can be and are routinely reserved for purchase in advance!? Once a demo model has reached the end of the timeframe of it's demo service it goes up for sale as a Ducati Omaha Certified Demo Model. You get special pricing and a host of benefits when purchasing a demo model!

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