Ducati Omaha Suspension Shop

Motorcycle suspension setup is as much an "art" as it is a "science". 

If you don't know what Rebound Damping and Compression Damping are, and also how they relate to each other, you're like 99% of the motorcycle riders on the road, so don't feel bad.  That's why we're here!  Most motorcycle shops don't deal much with suspension setup, and most riders never touch a dial or clicker the entire time they own a bike.  Therefore the knowledge base that most shop technicians have when it comes to suspension setup is very limited. 

And then there are RACING shops.  For motorcycle RACING, suspension setup is one of the most critical aspects of performance that needs to be managed.  Shops that build and service RACING bikes are generally going to know a lot more about suspension setup and components than other shops.  And here's the good news, you have a top-notch motorcycle RACING shop right here - at Ducati Omaha!  Our customers benefit from not only our RACING knowledge when it comes to suspension setup, but also our ability to apply that knowledge to NON-RACING applications.  Suspension setup gives your street bike it's ride quality, handling prowess, and sets the overall character or "feel" of the bike.  Most riders don't know they can change that stuff, but YOU CAN!  And most shops don't know how to do it correctly, but WE DO!

Here's a basic outline of what "Suspension Tuning" looks like:

Step 1) Recognize what your bike is doing that you like and don't like. 
Step 2) Discuss with your suspension tuner and formulate a plan for tuning changes and a method for evaluating the effectiveness of those changes.
Step 3) Complete the setup, which may include component changes and valving changes or simply changes to the settings of existing components.
Step 4) CRITICAL - Re-evaluate performance after some time riding the bike to determine if the changes were optimal, or if there is still work to do.  If so, repeat steps 2-3.


We offer comprehensive services driven by this process to get YOUR bike riding and handling exactly how it should!  STEP 1 is to have a Baseline Suspension Setup performed on your motorcycle, all you need to do is request an appointment through our ONLINE SERVICE APPOINTMENT REQUEST or one of these alternate contact methods.

E-Mail: service@ducatiomaha.com
Call Us: 402-408-4400
NEW Text Us: 402-739-9655 (text only)


*Assuming your bike has adjustable suspension which can be adjusted without disassembly of anything on the bike.  If you have any questions about this, please ask.

Bring your bike in to Ducati Omaha for a baseline suspension setup!  We'll set your spring preload both front & rear and assess the fitness of your suspension components as well as evaluate if your spring rates are appropriate.  After your baseline suspension setup is complete, we'll ask you to ride the bike and evaluate the changes, and if necessary we will tweak the setup to your liking.  Then we will ask you to spend some time riding the bike for a week or so, and if you feel anything still needs to be tweaked to make it perfect we offer one additional suspension adjustment for FREE.  


Thank you in advance for trusting Ducati Omaha with your motorcycle suspension needs, we will work very hard to make sure YOU enjoy your bike to the maximum potential!