Ducati Closeouts


Q) I'm already subscribed to the Ducati Omaha e-mail list, do I also need to sign up for this? 

A) YES!! We will ONLY send the Ducati Closeouts offers to those who indicate that they DO want to receive these offers! This will not change your subscription status on our regular Ducati Omaha Newsletter list, it will just add you to a sub-list for the closeout offers.

Q) How often will I receive closeout e-mail messages? 

A) We don't have a standard schedule for these, we send them out whenever we add new items to the list. The highest volume is usually later in the season and over the Winter as we have time to comb through the warehouse and find bargain gems to offer!

Q) What if I can't get the sign-up form to work?

A) Just e-mail us and we'll add you manually to the list, send your request to parts@ducatiomaha.com.