CycleZoo E-Bikes at Ducati Omaha

Why an E-Bike?

E-Bikes are the HOTTEST market on 2-wheels for good reason, they facilitate much more utility, distance, thrill and capability for every cyclist, from the new rider to the seasoned veteran!

E-Bikes are NOT designed to reduce the amount of exercise you get riding a bike, it's actually quite the opposite!  E-Bikes allow you to ride FARTHER and FASTER to cover more ground, see more scenery, and encourage you to ride your bike MORE and in situations that you might otherwise choose to drive. E-Bikes allow you to RIDE to your maximum potential!

The electric assist on this style of E-Bike only assists your own pedaling, it does not propel the bike on it's own. Some E-Bikes have a separate throttle control and are more of a scooter than a bicycle.