Phone Cases for Machined Aluminum Smartphone Support

Phone Cases for Machined Aluminum Smartphone Support

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Select the phone case for YOUR phone model, to pair with the Machined Aluminum Phone Support (purchased separately).

Note: If YOUR phone model is not listed, contact us to check for a new part number which may be available!

96680781A: IPHONE 6 PLUS / 7 PLUS / 8 PLUS

96680951A: IPHONE 11 PRO

96680991A: IPHONE 11

96681001A: IPHONE 11 PRO MAX

96681151AA: IPHONE 12 PRO MAX

96681161AA: IPHONE 12/12 PRO

96681171AA: IPHONE 12 MINI

96681241A: IPHONE 13 MINI

96681251A: IPHONE 13

96681261A: IPHONE 13 PRO

96681271A: IPHONE 13 PRO MAX

96681421A: IPHONE 13&14

96681431A: IPHONE 14 PLUS

96681441A: IPHONE 14 PRO

96681451A: IPHONE 14 PRO MAX

96681531A: IPHONE 15

96681541A: IPHONE 15 PLUS

96681551A: IPHONE 15 PRO

96681561A: IPHONE 15 PRO MAX