Motobox Fender Eliminator Kit with LED Turn Signals

Motobox Fender Eliminator Kit with LED Turn Signals

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Panigale 899, 959, 1199, 1299

Fender eliminator with built in LED turn signal kit for the Ducati Panigale Family.

The Ducati Panigale: One of, if not, the sexiest motorcycle in the world.

So why would you want to distract from the beauty of its design and features.

When it came time to designing this Slimline LED kit, like everything we do, the idea was less is more ۝.

You see we don ۪t make products that highlight themselves, but products that focus the attention on the amazing design and engineering that went into the beautiful motorcycle you ride.

Do you think the lead design crew on the Ducati Panigale wanted a huge eyesore attached to the slim and sleek tail they incorporated into this bike? of course not.

That is why we developed this kit.

It focuses the attention on the shape and natural aesthetics of the Panigale without adding mess or bulk.

This kit virtually disappears once installed.

No exposed LED tubes or plastic.

We guarantee you this is the slickest kit on the market.

This kit includes:

  • Slimline LED Block Off Plate
  • Plug and Play for easy installation and no voided warranties
  • Built in mounting studs for installation to stock location
  • Studs built in at slight angle to act as a hanger when installing, eliminating the need for an extra set of hands
  • License plate spot light
  • Adjustable License plate mount
  • Layered in Heat Shielding
  • Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: This kit and it ۪s LED ۪s are designed to be fully visible at car/driver height from behind the motorcycle as you are riding. Up close it is designed to disappear.

note: as with all of our kits, this is not DOT approved, buyer use at your own risk.