Order Status FAQs


Ducati Omaha provides a convenient online order status update function for YOU!

Please note, our order status information is ONLY as good as the information we receive from vendors of the products we sell and the tracking information we receive from the shipping carriers! While it may not always be "perfect" to the day, the intent is to provide you with the best information we have in a convenient self-service function that you can check any time. We have a very small staff, and we simply cannot respond to hundreds of e-mails, texts and calls every day regarding the status of outstanding orders. We hope you find this information useful!

Q) The status says "SHIPPED", does that mean it has been shipped to Ducati Omaha, or shipped to me?

A) "SHIPPED" status means we have shipped the item to YOU, you should have received an e-mail with the tracking number when the item was shipped. Check your "Spam" folder if you didn't get the e-mail. You can also log in to your account on our web site and see the tracking information on the shipment. Please note that tracking information may take up to 1 business day to show a status on a carrier's tracking web site, since sometimes we have the box labeled but the carrier pickup has already occurred for that day.


Q) My item shows an estimated arrival date at Ducati Omaha, is that arrival date guaranteed?

A) NO, this information is based upon shipment tracking information from the shipping carrier delivering the shipment, and while it's generally accurate, it is not guaranteed, particularly for items coming from Europe where customs clearance delays can occur. If an item shows it should have been delivered yesterday or today, and is not yet showing IN STOCK, this is normal and nothing to worry about, we generally regard the tracking dates as being about a 24-48 hour accuracy level.


Q) My item shows an estimated arrival date at Ducati Omaha, will the item be shipped out to me the same day it arrives there?

A) Generally yes, if the shipment is received here before about 1 p.m., otherwise it will normally be the next business day when it is shipped. Outside of a catastrophic event, like our entire staff being out sick, it should rarely take more than 1 business day for us to process an incoming shipment and in turn ship the items out to you. We place a very high priority on our processing and turnaround times to provide you with the BEST possible service!


Q) My non-Ducati branded items only show an estimated number of days or weeks after the order date as the expected arrival date, can I get a more precise status on this?

A) No, sorry, for the smaller vendors that we order products from who do not have more sophisticated systems to feed us real-time status and tracking information, we just don't have any more information available. For Ducati factory items, we have closer to real-time information available and will provide that when we have it. For the other vendors, we try to give accurate estimates based upon the information from the vendor at the time we place the order with them, and in general the information is "good". If it's been more than a week past the estimated timeframe on this type of item, and you're in a hurry for it, you can send us an e-mail or text message and we can call the vendor to check the status. Please note for CNC Racing items specifically, the availability and accuracy of estimated dates is sketchy at best, you'll need to be patient on that stuff.


Q) All of the items on my order show as In Stock, why hasn't my order shipped yet?

A) In stock status is set by our computerized inventory system, and the items may not have been physically pulled from the stocking shelves yet and boxed up for shipping to you. Please allow one business day from In Stock status to when you should expect to receive a shipping notice.


Q) Some of my items show In Stock, while others show a different status, will the ones in stock ship now?

A) No, we do not partial ship orders as a normal course of business as long as all items are in stock and available from the vendor, the entire order will be shipped together once all items to fill the order have been received. The exception to that is if any of the items on the order are BACKORDERED from the vendor, we will partial ship the other items when available, and then ship the backordered part(s) later when those are received. (This assumes that both of the shipments exceed the $99 minimum order threshold for free shipping, otherwise an additional shipping charge would apply. Example, if you order 2 items for $15 each, and received free shipping on the order, and 1 of the items is backordered, we will not split those up into 2 shipments to you without an additional shipping charge being paid due to the doubled shipping cost on our end.)


Q) Some of the Ducati-branded items on my order still show the same "xxx days from order date" status on them that was noted on my original confirmation and has not been updated with any further information? Why?

A) If these are Ducati factory items, most likely this is a new or very recent order, and we have not received tracking information from Ducati yet to update the status with a more precise estimated date. Check back in a day or two, and the status should be updated with new information.


Q) Can I contact you for information about my order?

A) Well sure, we're happy to provide direct customer service when it is necessary, please just don't ask us questions that are already answered right here on this page. The best way to contact us is via text or e-mail so we can research the answer and then get back to you. We do have limited ability to accept phone calls as well, but it's generally a waste of your time and ours to sit on the phone trying to answer a question that requires research, give us a chance to research the correct answer and get back to you by using text and e-mail when possible. Some things do require a conversation, and for those, sure give us a call, or text us to call you back and we'll be happy to. Use the CONTACT US page to see our contact information.