Ducati OEM Oil Change Kit (Manufacturer Recommended)

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Complete OEM oil change kit for your Ducati motorcycle, includes all standard replacement items specific to your bike.  Oil weight available in 15W50 or 10W40, Ducati-branded Shell Advance 4T full synthetic, the same oil that Ducati delivers the bikes filled with straight from the factory. 

Oil Weight: Most newer (15 years) Ducati models are specified to use 15W50, but you can always consult your owner's manual for reference if you are unsure. 95% of the time, 15W50 is the correct weight to choose unless you know specifically that your bike requires 10W40, or YOU choose to run 10W40 for other reasons.

SPECIAL NOTE - V4 GRANTURISMO ENGINE MODELS - MULTISTRADA V4 AND DIAVEL V4: The oil change quantity for these models is 4.4 Liters, so you will need an EXTRA LITER of oil every-other oil change. The standard oil change kit contains 4 Liters, so you will need to ADD ONE ADDITIONAL LITER to your order if you don't already have extra on hand. The additional liter can be found here:

Please note that Superquadro V2, Desmostradale V4 and 698 Mono engines (Panigale Superbikes, Multistrada/Streetfighter V4, Hypermotard Mono, etc.) use a cartridge-style oil filter, which has two rubber O-rings on the filter.  These O-rings should be replaced at EVERY oil change, and our kit includes them (hence the slightly higher price for the those kits).  All other Ducati models take the standard spin-on oil filter with a built-in O-ring on it.

Please ensure you properly torque your spin-on filter to prevent oil leaks!  If you do not have a Ducati-specific oil filter socket wrench adapter, you NEED one and can add it to your order for just $9.95 by clicking HERE 

(Please note this filter wrench is NOT NEEDED for the Panigale/Streetfighter/Multistrada models with the Superquadro V2, or Desmostradale V4 engines that use the cartridge-style oil filter)

FYI - Factory torque specification for most recent Ducati models is 12 Nm on the Oil Filter and 20 Nm on the oil drain plug.  Especially on the oil filter, this is MUCH lower than the seat-of-the-pants approach usually produces, way more people OVER-torque their oil filter than under-torque it.  OVER-torquing the oil filter will crush the o-ring and may lead to it not sealing properly with a slow drip-drip of oil coming out on your garage floor.

"The best 10 bucks I ever spent!" - Everyone who has ever bought it.

Ducati OEM Oil Change Kit Contents:

  • 1x Ducati OEM Oil Filter (Spin-on or cartridge, depending on model)
  • 4x 1 Lt bottles of Shell Advance Synthetic oil (Manufacturer recommended oil)
  • 2x Ducati OEM O-rings for filter Seal (Cartridge Filter Models Only)
  • 1x Ducati OEM Crush Washer for drain plug


Please make sure you always use a Genuine Ducati OEM Oil Filter on your bike! We have seen many problems over the years related to cheap aftermarket oil filters, and it's NOT WORTH IT to save a few bucks!  Stick with OEM filters and you'll never have a problem.