SBS 730 Rear Brake Pads

SBS 730 Rear Brake Pads

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SBS Friction A/S is the world's leading manufacturer of motorcycle brake pads for street, off road and racing.

For more than 30 years their aim has been to offer the most complete range of motorcycle brake pads in a variety of friction materials developed to suit specific purposes like street, off-road and racing


LS - Sinter metal brake lining LS for the rear brake with high thermal stability which in combination with HS for the front brake provides the necessary and expected brake performance. To avoid excessive braking of the rear wheel, the friction level of the LS lining is adjusted to match the friction characteristics of the HS lining, according to the concept of the originally equipped sinter metal brake pads.
RQ - Race Rear - For riders using the rear brake to help steering into turns and handle the bike out of turns on the Track.


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