Buy, Fly & Ride

Ducati Omaha welcomes YOU for your new Ducati purchase! We have been an Exclusive Ducati dealership since 2006 and have served customers nationwide for a very long time. If you're not lucky enough to live within a couple hours drive of Ducati Omaha, you can STILL experience the Ducati Omaha difference when it comes to new Ducati ownership! Whether you live in a remote area far away from any Ducati dealership, or live in an area where you just don't like your local Ducati options, we have you covered. We pioneered the "Buy, Fly & Ride" program way back in 2007 and we still offer it today. 


Step 1: Contact the Ducati Omaha Sales Department to discuss the new Ducati model that has your heart all aflutter.

Step 2: Our staff will work harder than any dealership in the country to get YOU the Ducati of your dreams! Whether we have your bike in stock, or arrange to bring it in for you on the Ducati Priority Reservation program, we WILL do everything possible to get you the bike you want! This is what we do, as an Exclusive Ducati dealership, all we do is Ducati, and we have more inventory and more allocation of new Ducati models than most dealers in North America. 

Step 3: We have a bike for YOU and arrange the financial details, including arranging Ducati Factory financing for you and lining up any accessories and gear you'd like to purchase with your bike.

Step 4: Your new Ducati is READY for you to pick up!

Step 5: You fly in from your home area on Southwest Airlines on a flight Ducati Omaha arranges for YOU! (Southwest is our partner airline, sorry we cannot arrange flights on other airlines)

Step 6: You arrive, meet your new love, hang out and sign some paperwork, then we set you on your way for your ride-it-home adventure!


1) We in NO WAY want to take your business away from another local Ducati Dealership who you have a good relationship with. If you already have YOUR local Ducati Dealer you do business with, please continue to support them! If we have a bike in stock that your local dealer doesn't, they can contact us to inquire about a dealer transfer, we are always willing to help out other Ducati dealerships when we can, it's a FAMILY especially for the small number of Exclusive Ducati dealers like us.

2) Depending on which model you are purchasing and how far away your home is, it may not be feasible to ride it home. We can help you arrange shipping if you'd rather. OR if you plan to drive in with a truck/trailer to haul your bike home rather than flying in, we will arrange a HOTEL STAY overnight on our dime, in lieu of a flight, at one of our preferred local hotels.

3) This service is NOT available if you live in California, sorry. Complications with out-of-state registration in California prevents us from serving you.