Woodcraft Dual Temp Tire Warmers

Woodcraft Dual Temp Tire Warmers

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Proudly MADE IN USA Gen III Dual Temp Warmers


Polartec Windpro - A new revolution in thermal fabrics. The tight knit construction blocks 95% of the heat robbing wind.
New Thermostats - Our new thermostats hold tighter temperature ranges and are more durable than ever, guaranteeing a perfect heat cycle every time.
New Construction - We went through the entire warmer and upgraded every seam. They are beautifully stitched with tough Nomex thread, ensuring they will last through years of abuse.

Key Features:

Exclusive Quick Disconnect - Only Woodcraft has the quick disconnect feature that cuts power as soon as you remove the warmer. No more smoking warmers on the floor!
Even Heat Distribution - The heating element has precise engineered variable spacing between the coils, ensuring the tire is heated evenly all the way around.
Insulating Side Curtains - Our Polartec Wind Pro side curtains eliminate the #1 cause of heat loss (side winds). We have seen up to a 15 degree increase in rim temperature with these curtains.
Low-Profile Insulation - Our efficient insulation allows us to keep the warmer thin while still providing great performance. You will love how easy this design makes installation and removal.
Durable Dual Temp Switch - Select "Hot" when you're ready to go or "Warm" when you have a while between sessions.
LED Indicator Light - The LED lights red to let you know power is on and turns to green when the tire is at temperature.
Power & Voltage - All Woodcraft tire warmers are designed to run off a 120 volt power source. We suggest a 1000W Generator when AC power is not available.

Free duffel bag with every set!