Termignoni Force Full System Race Exhaust

Termignoni Force Full System Race Exhaust

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Termignoni introduces the new racing complete exhaust system Force ۝ design silencers.

These are a unique dual outlet under tail design that will truly make your Panigale stand out from the rest. The exhaust is FINALLY available to the general public after extensive testing in WSBK.

The exhaust is characterized by the main structure in stainless steel, titanium CuNb sleeve and rear carbon cap.

Weight Reduction: - 7.44 lbs

Power Increase: + 13.2hp at 5,400 rpm and + 4.6hp at 10,000 rpm. GOOD BYE mid range lag!

Fits: 1199 Panigale ( 2012 - 2014 ), 1299 Panigale ( 2015 - )