RS-Taichi Custom Suit Fitting Reservation

RS-Taichi Custom Suit Fitting Reservation

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Use this option to reserve YOUR slot for the RS-Taichi suit fitting or custom suit measurement session with Audrey from RS-Taichi. Appointments are being offered in conjunction with the Ducati Omaha Performance Riding Gear Event, Friday & Saturday December 3rd & 4th.

Session fee: $5

Customer credit after appointment: $10

So essentially, you pay $5 for the appointment to reserve a slot, and then as long as you actually SHOW UP for your appointment, you'll get $10 BACK as a credit toward any purchase! So you could say we're paying you $5 to do this! 

If you reserve an appointment, and subsequently need to alter the time or cancel the appointment, PLEASE let us know since these slots will be filled up quickly!