Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slicks

Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slicks

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Pirelli Superbike Slicks

Tire Warmers: Required
Application: Track Only

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"As Seen On TV" This is Pirelli's World Superbike slick race tire design. Championship-winning design for club racers and the fast track day riders wanting the ultimate performance and lowest lap times possible.




Pirelli now has a NEW front and rear slick size for large sportbikes, based upon the latest World Superbike tires - 125/70 front and 200/65 rear. This is a WIDER front tire than the standard 120/70 size and TALLER rear than the standard 200/60 rear. Pirelli recommends only to run these tires TOGETHER in a set, and not to mix these new sizes on one end of the bike with the standard size on the other end!


The "old days" of tire compound for race tires being a simple choice of Soft, Medium, Hard, corresponding with the rubber compound being appropriate for cold, intermediate, and hot track temperatures respectively are GONE! Compound choices for the latest generation of Pirelli race tires are more wide open and subject to rider preference rather than being a simple matter of how hot the track surface will be.


There are THREE choices for Pirelli Front slick race tires, SC1, SC2 and SC3. The SC1 tire has a softer carcass design while the SC2 has a stiffer carcass.  This translates into the SC1 tire having more "feel" at the expense of hard braking stability, while the SC2 tire has greater stability with less feel on corner entry. Another way to characterize that is the SC1 tire feels more "squishy" under braking, while the SC2 feels more solid. Some riders prefer the feel of the SC1 and some prefer the SC2. Some BIKES perform better with one or the other as well, depending on geometry and suspension setup. Some times a bit of experimentation is necessary to see which works best. The important thing is the SC1 and SC2 are not differentiated by which works better or lasts longer at certain track temps. We still hear riders saying "SC1 is soft for cold track temp, SC2 is harder for hot track temp" and that is just WRONG these days. The SC3 is a special endurance compound with a very wide temperature range and more durable rubber compound, at the expense of outright grip, specially designed for endurance racing and track day use for intermediate level riders who do not need the highest performance of the SC1/SC2 tires. The SC3 is specifically designed to resist cold tearing at cool track temps and is not commonly used.


The Pirelli Rear slick race tires are available in FOUR compounds, SC0, SC1, SC2 and SC3. On the rears, as opposed to the fronts, the intended use in terms of track temperature is relevant in choosing a compound. However, the compounds are the exact OPPOSITE of what most people assume. The SC0 Soft compound is intended exclusively for HOT track temps and smooth track surfaces. The SC1 Medium-Soft compound is intended for the widest range of track conditions, including hot track conditions. The SC2 Medium compound is the most durable and resistant to cold tearing at cooler track temps and still works fine up to moderately hot track temps. For track day use, either the SC1 or SC2 are good choices, with the SC1 recommended for warmer track temps and use for faster riders as it will offer more grip and (in general) better wear characteristics on hot track surfaces. The SC3 is a special endurance compound intended for a wide range of track temps, including the coldest and most abrasive track surfaces. The SC3 is designed specifically for endurance racing applications as well as intermediate level track day use for riders who do not need the outright grip offered by the other compounds. SC3 rear is specifically engineered to resist cold-tearing.

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