MUPO K911 30mm Fork Cartridge Kit

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MUPO��K911 30mm Fork Cartridge Kit

This new cartridge has been developed thanks to the experience acquired��during the races supported by us.

The two main technical features are the piston��diameter and the K911 system.��

The 30 mm piston can guarantee an excellent��progressive rebound for having an ���infinite�۝ setting possibilities.

The K911 is a new mechanic��system that allows varying the spring elastic constant in the fork without physical��replacement of the spring.��

This solution (Patent Pending) guarantees the possibility to obtain��diverse suspension rigidities.

It offers to the rider many setting possibilities in��any conditions. Another important technical feature offered by system K911 is��the possibility to modify the spring stiffness simply, in a very short time, without��replacing components. These modifi cations can be executed in a very short��time lap, for example it takes few seconds from the race start to establish a new��set-up of the motorbike if the weather conditions modify (dry-wet).��

Adjustment features:

5 spring settings K (constant)
Rebound 40 positions
Compression 40 positions
Spring preload 30 positions��(mm 15)��