MUPO CSP30 Fork Cartridge Kit - Racing

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MUPO CSP30 Fork Cartridge Kit - Racing

New for 2018 is the CSP30 Cartridge, a high-level product that embodies Mupo expertise acquired over years of R&D at the most prestigious racing circuits in the world.

This product is for the racing world, especially for riders who want the most sophisticated technological solution on the market.

The new CSP30 Cartridge uses through-rod technology, which improves on the performance of open, sealed, or pressurized cartridges currently on the market.

The through-rod system guarantees the reliability of a sealed or pressurized cartridge without any rebound disadvantage typical of gas-based systems.
In this product, the rod enters and exits the body of the cartridge, thus avoiding the cavitation problems typically found in other cartridges.

In addition, compression and rebound damping are completely independent, as each hydraulic part is individually adjustable.


- Cartridges diam. 30 mm in Ergal 7075 hard anodized and lapped
- Compression reg.: 30 clicks
- Rebound reg.: 30 clicks
- Spring preload: 10 mm
- Piston 30 mm. in Ergal 7075 with rectified plans and lapped
- Rod 12 mm in Ergal with low friction treatment
- Internal fee expansion oil system
- Chrome-Silicon steel springs
- Mupo SAE 5 - 100% Synthetic