MUPO Caliber 22 Fork Cartridge Conversion Kit

MUPO Caliber 22 Fork Cartridge Conversion Kit

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MUPO��Caliber 22 Fork Cartridge Kit

MUPO introduces the Cartridge Caliber .22, is a modification kit designed to be fitted in front forks without external adjustments into full adjustable front forks��

Done by replacing the whole group of original cartridges with our 'Cartridge Caliber .22, fitted with 22mm pistons.
Altogether guaranteeing more precision and better performance.

- Cartridge diameter 22mm in alluminium��
- Compression adjustment 40 clicks
- Rebound adjustmend 40 clicks
- Spring preload 10mm
- Piston 22mm sintered
- Piston rod 12mm in steel��
- Spring made in Chrome-silicium steel
- Oil Mupo SAE 5��