Ducati G1/G2 Manis Back Protector

Ducati G1/G2 Manis Back Protector

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Ducati performance back protector with articulated plates made to fit Dainese made Ducati Jackets.  Available in two sizes: G1 for Womens Jackets, and G2 for Mens Jackets.  

Check Jacket listing for back protector compatibility.


Back protector with 4 degrees of freedom: Longitudinal stretch, Longitudinal bending, Torsion, Lateral bending controlled by special tensioners

Temperature Adjustment

Special material (water-repellent elastic-visco nitrile rubber) with shape retention memory and excellent energy absorption that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body and ensures optimum fit.

Reduced contact area

External perforated pads

General Features Localized comfort padding
CE certified back protector to EN 1621.2 Cat. II – Liv. 2