BSD Remote On/Off ignition switch with E-Lock control - Panigale

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For Ducati 899, 959, 1199, 1299, Superleggera Panigale Models.

BSD Remote On/Off ignition switch with E-Lock control

This assembly allows the complete removal of the aluminium ignition switch barrel and steering lock, yet still retains all of the control features this bike needs:

  • E-Lock immobiliser retained via normal key use
  • Timed shut down of the power circuits

The remote sealed switch assembly fits onto the existing ignition mounts to give a simple and intuitive Push to ON >Push to OFF activation.

KT135A - This version uses the remote On/Off switch as seen in the images with switch location in the standard central location. For those who prefer a switch mounted on the handlebar please order KT135B.

Installation notes:

  1. Our control module has longer wires than the standard key switch allowing it to be fitted anywhere in the front fairing.
  2. Do not mount the control module alongside the engine or any location subject to high ambient heat or electrical interference such as ignition coils or ignition leads.
  3. Mount the control module in free circulating air to allow heat dissipation of the aluminium heat sink (55 _c to 60 _c under normal operation).
  4. This control module has 3 mounting bolt holes to suit any custom bracket (not supplied)
  5. For users who do not want to use our red On/Off switch you can use any push button or toggle switch to simply link the 2 wires together, or we can provide a handlebar mounted on/off switch as seen here on the right Order KT135B
  6. To disable the bike (during shipping) simply remove the key from our control module. The ON/OFF switch will still work but the bike cannot be started.