AFAM SUPERLITE RS8 Alloy Chain and Sprocket Kit - 520 Pitch

AFAM SUPERLITE RS8 Alloy Chain and Sprocket Kit - 520 Pitch

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Superlite sprocket kits are manufactured to be the lightest and most durable sprocket sets available today. This kit includes premium Superlite RS8-R Series sprockets and high strength D.I.D. X'ring sealed chain cut to length for a quick and easy installation. These sprocket kits are designed for big weight savings while still maintaining high strength and durability.

This Superlite RS8-R alloy sprocket kit is extremely light and well tested by top winning race teams like Westby Racing and Latus Motors Racing. All kits include the gearing of your choice and a premium high strength D.I.D. race chain cut to length.

This chain and sprocket includes-

(1) Superlite 520 Pitch XD Series chromoly steel drilled and lightened front sprocket

(1) Superlite RS8-R Series 520 Pitch 7075-T6 black hard anodized aluminum rear sprocket with Teflon coated teeth

(1) Premium D.I.D. 1200cc Rated 520 ZVMX Series Gold Plated Chain or 1000cc Rated 520 ERV3 Series Gold Plated racing chain cut to length

(1) Matching Rivet style connecting link

*This kit converts the stock 525 pitch chain down to a thinner and lighter 520 pitch. Average weight savings is 2.5 pounds.

*Product picture is for reference only and not an exact photo of the sprocket designs.

Please note: Less teeth on the front sprocket provides more low-end torque and acceleration. Less teeth on the rear sprocket provides less torque and more top-end speed.