981071112 - Explorer V2 Goggles

981071112 - Explorer V2 Goggles

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Ducati Explorer V2 Goggles

No terrain will remain unexplored, with the Explorer V2 goggles, updated in
structure and design to bestow an adventure-packed off-road experience. The
transparent lens, fixed in place by the innovative Lens Lock System with four
locking pins, guarantees an excellent field of vision, to tackle every path faultlessly.
The silicone inserts inside the elastic guarantee a perfect fit with the
matching helmets, the Explorer and Tour V4 versions with no visor, bestowing
maximum comfort, further enhanced by the three-layer open-cell foam face
padding with fleece fabric, for excellent moisture absorption and improved fit.
The handy microfiber bag included completes this handy accessory package, a
must-have for all enduro enthusiasts.

Features And Benefits


 Explorer V2 goggles fit perfectly on Explorer and Tour V4 helmets (in the visorless configuration)
 The goggles come with transparent lens only

– Broad field of vision
–  Lens Lock System with four locking pins passing through the lens instead of hooking it from above
– The lenses are lightweight and guarantee 100% UV protection, while the NoFog™ anti-fog treatment prevents condensation and fogging
– Three-layer foam padding. This three-layer, open-cell face foam with fleece has excellent moisture wicking properties and offers
high levels of comfort and a better fit thanks to the extra layer of protective foam
– The silicone internal inserts of the elastic band guarantee a perfect adherence to the helmet.
– Microfiber sack included