2019 Desmo Omaha Club Membership

2019 Desmo Omaha Club Membership

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Join the Desmo Omaha Ducati Rider's Club for 2019!  For only $10 you get the entire 2019 annual membership in the club, making you not only a member of the local Desmo Omaha Club but you will also be automatically a member of the WORLDWIDE Desmo Owner's Club since Desmo Omaha is an "Official" Desmo Owner's Club chapter!

The Desmo Omaha club is THE local Ducati club, affiliated with Ducati Omaha, but is an independent non-profit corporation with club officers and volunteers who put on all sorts of great events for the club!

2019 Desmo Omaha Club Officers:

  • President - PJ Hartman
  • Vice-President - Dick Daniel
  • Secretary - Steve Doughty
  • Treasurer - Jarel Jensen


Full Member - This membership type is for any Ducati owner (no matter the year or model), if you own a Ducati you are automatically eligible to be a Full Member.

Associate Member - If you are a Ducati fan, and have friends who own Ducatis, but for whatever reason you haven't become an owner yourself (Yet!), don't worry, you're still welcome to join the club and attend most events.  You will not be an "Official" worldwide Desmo Owner's Club member since that does strictly require Ducati ownership, but you're welcome to be a local Desmo Omaha Associate Member.