Performance Riding Experience Oct 17-18 at MPH

Performance Riding Experience For ALL Riders

Sat - Oct 17th (Note: Sun Oct 18th CANCELLED due to weather)

Motorsports Park Hastings - Hastings, NE

(Just 2-hours West of Omaha, an easy trip over on I-80 or Hwy-6)


In conjunction with TrackAddix Track Days and Ducati North America, Ducati Omaha will deliver a performance riding EXPERIENCE to local motorcyclists! The event is appropriate for riders of ALL levels beyond beginner, riding ANY brand of motorcycle! And it's all FREE!




* Performance Street Riding Instruction & Track Experience

 - Take YOUR street riding skills to the next level with professional instruction AND the ability to hone your skills on the dedicated race track environment, free of any outside distractions! You will experience an ability to focus on riding techniques that you can never experience only riding on the street. No special bike prep or riding gear is required.

WHAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE: Our professional instructors and experienced track riders/racers will provide instruction on all elements of SAFE and FUN sport riding, applicable to BOTH Street and Track riding! If you enjoy taking your bike out to the hills or canyons and carving the corners, but want to learn to do it BETTER, FASTER, SAFER, then this is for YOU!

WHY DO THIS AT THE TRACK?: The race track environment offers several distinct advantages for this type of instruction:
2) You can repeat the same series of corners over and over to drill in the skills your are working on developing.
3) There are VERY GOOD, FAST and SAFE track riders and racers available to assist you.
4) The Motorsports Park Hastings facility is TOP NOTCH with full facilities for hosting world-class events.
5) You will pick up skills in just ONE DAY of riding at the track, which would take YEARS (if ever) to learn riding on the street only.

Minimum BIKE tech requirements include:
* Sporty-type motorcycle (Sport bike, Naked sport bike, Sport-touring bike, Supermoto bike, etc.) capable of lean angles appropriate for performance riding (i.e. no cruisers, baggers, bikes with floorboards, enduro bikes, bikes with knobbies, etc.) - The Ducati XDiavel is the ONLY "cruiser" exception to this, since it is capable of nearly 45-degree lean angles. 
* Sport-touring or sport tires with at least 50% tread life
* Clean motorcycle with no fluid leaks

Minimum RIDING GEAR tech requirements include:
* Motorcycle riding jacket (Leather or Textile), preferably with armor in elbows and shoulders.
* Full-face helmet - Modular helmets are acceptable but no 3/4 or 1/2 helmets.
* Motorcycle-specific gloves that cover the wrist, preferably with armored knuckles.
* Motorcycle-specific boots that cover the ankle, MUST have both Toe and Heel protection - No work boots, casual boots, etc.
* Long pants - Jeans are acceptable, but riding jeans or riding pants recommended. 


* Ducati Demo Rides on Panigale V2 

 - Experience the ultimate Ducati expression of riding joy by riding a top-performance Ducati Superbike on the race track! No experience can top riding a Ducati on the race track, now is YOUR chance to make it happen! NO track experience required, the demo experience will be tailored to YOU! (Requirements for demo rides include: Valid motorcycle license & proof of insurance)


* Suspension Setup/Tuning for YOUR bike for FREE!

 - Learn the black art of suspension setup from the suspension professionals at Ducati Omaha, and see how much YOUR experience on your bike can be improved with proper suspension tuning! Not only can you achieve better handling but better ride quality and confidence in your bike. Get YOUR bike set up for the best performance right here - and it's FREE!


* Motorcycle Electronics Setup for YOUR bike

 - Learn how all of the electronic systems on YOUR motorcycle work, and how to set them up for maximum effectiveness in YOUR riding, for both the Street and Track. This is applicable to ANY brand of motorcycle with modern electronic systems, including Traction Control, ABS, Fly-By-Wire Throttle, Engine Brake Control, Electronic Suspension, and more!


* DUCATI-Sponsored Reception/Dinner on Saturday Night

 - Be sure to stick around after the riding events have ended at 5 p.m. on Saturday night for a Ducati-sponsored reception and dinner, featuring delicious food from the Wandering Well restaurant in the Guardrail Clubhouse, right on-site at the track! 5:15 p.m. - Cocktail Reception, 6:00 p.m. - Dinner


* Full Track Day Experience

 - For current certified track day riders, the weekend will entail a FULL track day in addition to all of the special event additions, and you will be able to participate in ALL of it, along with enjoying your normal TrackAddix Track Day experience! (Note: Full Track Day participants still need to register as normal through TrackAddix for the track day portion of the event - the track day is NOT included in the free event activities. )



This will be a FULL WEEKEND event, and riders are encouraged to participate in as much or as little of it as their free time allows! If you have the full weekend available, plan to be there for ALL of it! The Motorsports Park Hastings facility is set up for both Camping and RV access for those wishing to spend Friday and/or Saturday night at the track, and the track has top-notch facilities available on-site including both men's and women's shower facilities, and a restaurant. There are also several hotels available right in Hastings only minutes from the track if you'd prefer that option. Our favorite local hotel is the Holiday Inn Express:


If you can't spend the full weekend, just hop on your bike and ride out to the track on Saturday and/or Sunday (or throw in on a trailer and come out), there will be activities going on all day, both days, so whenever you show up there will be things to do! If you want the FULL experience, try to come for as much time as possible! But don't let a limited free time schedule stop you from participating - come out for as much of the event as you can!

Weekend Agenda - Saturday
8:00 a.m. - Track day check-in opens
9:00 a.m. - Track day sessions begin
10:00 a.m. - Performance Riding Experience sessions begin
1:00 p.m. - Lunch break
5:00 p.m. - Riding activities conclude
5:15 p.m. - Ducati-sponsored social reception
6:00 p.m. - Ducati-sponsored dinner
Weekend Agenda - Sunday
9:00 a.m. - Track day check-in opens
10:00 a.m. - Track day sessions begin
11:00 a.m. - Performance Riding Experience sessions begin
1:00 p.m. - Lunch break
3:30 p.m. - Riding activities conclude / event wrap-up.

Q) What can I do in order to mentally prepare myself for the event?
A) Great question! We have found in the past that the track environment can be intimidating (but fun) for a 1st-time track rider. Plan to be relaxed and have an open mind to what you can learn. There is a TON of information to absorb, and we'll try to keep it as simple as possible so you can enjoy the experience. 
Here's a video you can review so you see what it LOOKS like to ride around the Motorsport Park Hastings track - this is the track we will be taking you out on. Pay particular attention to the difference between selecting cornering lines on the track vs. what you're used to in your street riding. This PARTICULAR video was selected for a secondary-purpose as well, to make you aware of the skill gap between a typical street rider, and an experienced track rider/racer. This video is of a Kawasaki Ninja 400 going around the track, piloted by Ducati Omaha Owner/GM - Jarel Jensen. 

Will this certify me to be a track day rider? 
A) No, this is a "street" oriented event, if you want to be a fully-certified track day rider you'll need to take the TrackAddix "School of Speed" track riding school next Spring when it's offered again, starting in April.

Will we be on the track at the same time as the track day riders? 
A) No, we will have separate timed "Sessions" throughout the day specifically for our group, and you will be riding with a group of instructors who will lead you around the track during this session. You'll be able to watch the regular track day riders riding during their sessions, which we're sure will give you a LOT of ideas about what you don't know about sport riding but would like to learn!

How many times will I be able to get out on the track?
A) We'll be running the instruction sessions roughly every hour during the day, so if you're there for the entire day you can get on the track 5 or 6 times probably. If you stay for the whole weekend, then double that! 

Q) I have a cruiser/bagger/sportster, my bike will be fine for the track right? 
A) No, you need to have a "sports" style motorcycle for this, either a sportbike or a sporty naked bike, sport-touring bike, supermoto bike, etc. If your bike can't lean over to at least 45 degrees without things touching the ground, it will not be appropriate for the track environment due to the much higher level of grip that is present. If you have any question about whether your bike is appropriate or not, just ask!

I really like to open the throttle up, I'll be able to go as fast as I want to, right?
A) No, this is not a drag racing instruction event, we are going to focus on technical cornering skills which take skill and practice to achieve. We will not be observing any speed limits on the straight sections of the track, the instructors will set the pace based upon what they are observing from the students abilities. 

Can I pass other riders on the track if I feel like I can go faster?
A) No, you will be following an instructor in small groups on the track, and other than the #1 RULE of NO CRASHING, Rule #2 is NO PASSING. We will go over all of the rules and expectations with each group before you go on the track.

COVID-19 EVENT NOTICE: Please note that we are ALL aware of the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, and this event will be operated with reasonable precautions in place, in full compliance with State of Nebraska and Adams County Department of Health guidelines, including:
* This is an OUTDOOR EVENT, please maintain social distancing, as no masks will be required 
* IF you are feeling sick or experiencing any respiratory symptoms, please DO NOT attend the event
* IF you have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days, please DO NOT attend the event
* IF you are at high risk for Covid-19 complications due to age or underlying health conditions, please use your best judgement in deciding whether to attend