Low Price Guarantee

We pride ourselves on having a great selection and great pricing on everything we sell - we want to be YOUR go-to shop for all things Ducati!  We never want to have you feel you're getting a better deal elsewhere, so we offer our LOW PRICE GUARANTEE**!

CONTACT US for a price match request!

We are well aware of how the internet works, we helped Al Gore build it actually.............. ok not really but we are CONSUMERS online ourselves outside of work so we GET IT!  No one wants to overpay for items they could get cheaper somewhere else.  And the internet makes it easy to find the same product listed all over the globe.  With the volume of sales we have (aka. a LOT) for the things we sell, no one should be able to offer a lower price than we do.  BUT if you're scouring the interwebs and find another AUTHORIZED DEALER offering an item we sell for a lower price, LET US KNOW and we will at least MATCH and possibly BEAT that price if at all possible.  Sometimes manufacturers change pricing on their products and we don't get it updated in real time on our web site, so we'd love for you to let us know about it so we can update our pricing!

Why "Authorized Dealer"?  There's a HUGE difference, if a grey market vendor is selling products out the back door, those products will NOT be supported by the manufacturer's warranty, and they are not following the guidelines laid out by the manufacturer for the distribution of the products.  We are a REAL business and have invested heavily in having a top-notch operation to sell the premium brands we carry, and we'll be able to offer you premium service before and after the sale.  

There are only a couple caveats to the Low Price Guarantee:

1) eBay.  There is a HUGE volume of counterfeit and grey market products on eBay, if it's a premium product then it's premium enough for some fly-by-night Chinese junk manufacturer to knock it off and sell it at a low price.  If you see that sweet Arai helmet you've been lusting over listed on eBay for $300 less, there's about a 99.99% chance it's a counterfeit.  Same goes for other premium motorcycle brands like Brembo brakes, Dainese jackets, etc.  So if you ask us to match an eBay price it has to be from a REAL brick-and-mortar authorized dealer for the product being sold.

2) Discontinued/Closeout items: If items are discontinued and we don't have them in stock, we may not be able to get them any longer.  So even if we have a product listed, and you find a closeout price on it somewhere, if we can't actually get the item any more we won't be able to help.

3) Sales / Specials / Discounts: Some vendors will list periodic sales, specials or discount programs, discount codes, etc. for items they sell.  At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter how you GET to the price, the end result is a price you're expecting to pay.  If an Authorized Vendor for a product we sell has the item listed in conjunction with a sale / special / discount or anything along those lines, we'll TRY to match it if at all possible.  We can't sell you items for less than we paid for them obviously, but we'll do our best if you give us a chance!

That's about it, in most other cases we'll be able to help, so give us a shot!  You KNOW you'd rather buy from us anyway!

** Disclaimer:  Ducati specifically prohibits dealers from advertising a low price guarantee on non-closeout Ducati Performance products, so consider this an advertisement for a low price guarantee on every other brand we sell.