Dainese Custom Works Fitting Program



Ducati Omaha, the Omaha area's ONLY Dainese retailer and one of only a handful of Dainese Custom Works Fitting Centers in the country!


It's not just for MotoGP stars, YOU get an actual custom-measured Dainese leather suit, jacket or leather pant, giving you the PERFECT fit!  If you are typically "hard to fit" in off-the rack sizes, a custom-fit garment is EXACTLY what you NEED!  You will go through the same fitting process as Dainese-sponsored MotoGP riders such as Valentino Rossi, to ensure a perfect fit with maximum protection!  The Dainese Custom Works program only has a handful of authorized fitting centers in the U.S. and Ducati Omaha is one of them!    

A few details about the Dainese Custom Works program:

1) A fitting appointment is REQUIRED to participate, it takes around an hour to go through the full custom-fitting process, so we want to make sure we have time reserved JUST FOR YOU!  Contact Us to make your appointment, sales@ducatiomaha.com or 402-408-4400.

2) MANY MODELS of leather Dainese jackets, pants and suits are eligible for custom fitting!  This means the custom option is NOT just for track riders/racers who want a custom leather suit!  Street riders who want maximum comfort and protection will also benefit from this!  Once you have had a custom leather garment, you'll have no idea how you lived without it for so long, it makes THAT much of a difference!

3) A full custom garment is MUCH more affordable than you might assume, the Custom Works program adds custom fitting to a standard Dainese product starting at just a few hundred dollars, depending upon the level of customization you'd like!

4) Unlike other manufacturers, Dainese does not restrict custom options to only their top-of-the-range models of suits and jackets, even some of the entry-level leather suits are eligible!  That means if you're on a budget, you can still get a custom-fitted suit at a very reasonable price!  

5) D-AIR: YES! All Dainese D-AIR products are available for full customization!  If you are a track rider/racer, you will be able to get the exact same level of comfort and protection as the top MotoGP riders!  From the top-of-the-range Mugello R suit on down the range.

Be sure to take advantage of the unmatched experience of wearing a custom-fit leather garment - maximum comfort, maximum safety!




We also know how to design and create almost anything the rider can think up. Different colors, materials, logos, your name, your race number are all things that can be designed into your suit (or jacket or pant) by our design specialists using Adobe Illustrator.
They travel the World for special events just to sit down with each client and make sure that the design is true to his or her vision. The design work is done with the client during the event, and then finalized in Molvena, Italy via emails before being put into production.


Typically, a consumer needs a made to measure leather garment because he or she is not an "off-the-rack" size. However, there are many riders that simply want to have custom design work done on a standard sized garment. And there are those that need a tailored suit due to their body shape and also want custom colors and design work done.
Therefore Dainese caters to everyone and offers different options enabling a completely customizable result. So we begin each Custom Works session by determining what you the customer wants from our program. There are four ‘F’ levels to choose from:
F1: Standard size (“off the rack”) but with custom colors and up to 3 add-on items (i.e. logos, scripts, names, or numbers)
F2: Tailor ‘custom works’ but with a standard color option
F3: Tailor ‘custom works’ with custom colors and up to 3 add-on items (i.e. logos, scripts, names, numbers). After the 3rd add-on item, a price will have to be determined by the R&D department in Molvena. Extra logos/scripts/numbers/etc. may increase the price all the way up to an F4 level.
F4: Tailor ‘custom works’ with custom colors and no limits on add-on items.


Once the ‘F’ level is determined, the measurement process begins for ‘F’ levels 2 through 4. Dainese requires all measurements to be done while the rider is in a tight, synthetic under garment such as our Grinner EVO under suit. In this way we are able to get the most accurate measurements and take photos of the rider that reveal the body type to the specialists in Molvena who will be reviewing the information and making the adjustments to the stock panels.
There are 26 measurements and all of them are critical. Our Dainese tailors know precisely what body ‘points’ to reference, including the extremely important 7th vertebrae and the top of the hip bones.


For ‘F’ levels 1, 3, and 4. At this point, the Dainese tailors will begin the design process with the rider, using Adobe Illustrator and templates specific to each suit, jacket, or pant Dainese offers on the ‘menu’. Colors can be chosen for difffferent panels, using leather color swatches provided by the tailor. Logos can be added in almost any area. Names and race numbers are also capable of being added. If special design work is requested, our Dainese specialists can do it, but it may require extra work after the session and add an additional cost to the final price of the garment.


Once the interaction between the rider and the tailor is finished, then the order needs to be confirmed and entered into Dainese’s system by the tailor, with all the information feeding back to Molvena. Molvena then determines two things: 1) if the sketch is ‘correct’ (i.e. able to be produced as is), or if anything needs adjusting, and 2) if the measurements are ‘correct’ (i.e. fall within a correct range and can be approved and sent to the specialists for final panel adjustments). Once these two things are determined to be ‘correct’, the garment is then issued a production date.
This process can sometimes take up to a month, especially if there is additional artwork requested, or sketch changes necessary, or measurement ‘checks’ required. This process can add to the overall time required to deliver the garment. 
But once the garment is approved and put in production, Dainese can usually deliver the finished product to the dealer/end user within 3 months.
The end result is a customized Dainese Custom Works garment, offering the ultimate in fit and comfort. It is of utmost importance for the fit of a leather garment (designed ultimately for safety) to be very close to the body, but the by-product of this tight fit is ultimate comfort and excellent ergonomics.
In return, this also increases the safety aspect, allowing the rider to feel comfortable on the motorcycle and perform all the necessary movements involved in riding, including easily moving to avoid any potential accidents.


Once an order is created and the garment is approved for production in Molvena, the tailor receives ‘confirmation’ and production is scheduled. When the order’s production date arrives, the measurements and photos are then referenced by one of three specialists who will digitally modify (stretch) the panels of an off-the-rack suit to accommodate the specified dimensions of the client. Then all the panels/logos/names/numbers are cut with the appropriate color of leather using laser leather cutting machines. All of the panels/logos/names/numbers and all the necessary accessories such as aluminum shoulder plates and knee and elbow armor (upwards of 200 or more individual pieces) are placed together in a tray that is then passed o¬ to the seamstresses. The tray of items makes its journey down the sewing machine line where each individual seamstress will do her part. Once completed, the suit is passed off to a technical inspector who will make sure all the seams are properly done, all logos are properly attached, and all the colors correct. This inspector will also clean and condition the suit before wrapping it in protective plastic for shipping.
Usually, the finished product is delivered to the client within 3 months of the measuring, but 5-6 months or longer is also possible for any number of reasons. Be patient, perfection takes time!