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TrackAddix Track Pack - BRONZE Pack

TrackAddix Track Pack - BRONZE Pack

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TrackAddix Bronze Pack - $570 ($780 value!)

Includes 6 track day credits (NOT track specific!)
(This is 2 FULL WEEKENDS of credits, or can be used for individual days)
You choose the dates (Saturdays, Sundays or MotoMondays)
May be used for individual weekend days or full weekends or MotoMondays. 2 credits are required for Saturday events, and 1 credit is required for Sunday or MotoMonday events.



Here's how it works:
You purchase a Track Pack and you will be issued a group of Track Pack Credits to be used for various events. Credits are NOT date-specific, you are free to pick the dates that match your schedule. When it's time to sign up for an event, you log on to the web site and sign up to use your Credits to pre-register for the event. TWO credits are required to register for a Saturday event, and ONE credit for a Sunday or MotoMonday event.

There's no catch other than you MUST pre-register for the event in order to use your Track Pack credits, which can be done up until the pre-registration deadline for the event. (Note: Season Pass holders are not required to pre-register) Cancellations and No Shows are subject to the normal TrackAddix cancellation rules.

Pre-Registration deadline is 8 DAYS prior to Weekend events (the prior FRIDAY preceeding the weekend) and 5 DAYS prior to MotoMonday events (the prior WEDNESDAY)

1) Cancellation requests received ON or before the pre-registration deadline will receive 100% CREDIT
2) Cancellation requests received after the pre-registration deadline up to the day prior to the event (Friday for a weekend event) will receive 50% CREDIT
3) Cancellations received less than 24-hours prior to the event will not be eligible for a credit

Track Pack coupons (except for Season Passes) are TRANSFERABLE to another rider. So if you are unable to use all of your coupons due to unforeseen circumstances, you can sell the coupons to another rider during the season. Unused coupons left on your account at the end of the season will automatically be rolled over into the following season. Up to 50% of the credits in any track pack can be transferred to another rider.

NOTE: To transfer track pack credits to another rider, you must e-mail TrackAddix at information@trackaddix.com with the number of credits you wish to transfer, and the name / e-mail address of the rider who the credits are being transferred to. The rider who the credits are being transferred to MUST have a Rider Account set up on the TrackAddix web site prior to the transfer!