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TrackAddix Transponder Rental

TrackAddix Transponder Rental

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TrackAddix Transponder Rental

Tracking your lap times with a Transponder is a great way to gauge your progress as a rider, regardless of skill level. As we always say "The times don't lie!".

Also you MUST have a Transponder (either a rental, or your own AMB-compatible transponder) to race int he TrackAddix GP race events!

Here's how it works: 

  1. Reserve your transponder along with your track day preregistration
  2. When checking in at the track in the morning, pick up your designated Transponder at the registration desk
  3. Attached the transponder securely to your motorcycle (using the available fork-tube transponder mounts and zip ties, or put it in a secure compartment such as under a seat)
  4. Remember to TURN IN YOUR TRANSPONDER at the end of the event before you leave!


Failure to return a rental transponder will result in a $500 fee for transponder replacement!