2023 Scrambler Desert Sled

2023 Scrambler Desert Sled

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Scrambler Desert Sled

Making its way out of the roughest roads of California and New Mexico, the new Scrambler Desert Sled is designed for those who love the unconventional streets and the less traveled paths.
This essential and yet grand version of Scrambler offers a unique mix of off-road spirit and lifestyle values.

Even more off-road.
Even more Scrambler.
Here is the new Desert Sled.

Cool New Features

Explore the latest Scrambler Desert Sled. A perfect blend of the spirit of the 60's and 70's US off-road bikes and the uniqueness of the Scrambler style.

A Closer Look

Find out the new look of Scrambler Desert Sled, available in the color 'White Mirage' with red frame and black spoked wheels.


White Mirage - MSRP $12,595