Öhlins Suspension Products


Ohlins Suspension Products

If you know ANYTHING about suspension, you know that Öhins is the premier motorcycle suspension company on Earth.  There are other companies that make very good quality suspension products as well, but if you want to KNOW what you're buying is going to work perfectly, have a wide knowledge base of tuning support, as well as resale value down the road, it's hard to beat Öhlins.

Ducati Omaha is a CERTIFIED Öhlins dealer and service center!  Not only do we SELL all Öhlins suspension products, we also SERVICE those products in-house, including periodic maintenance as well as custom valving modifications, manual adjuster conversion for electronic models, spring rate swaps, and more!  We have invested in all of the REAL tools to do it with as well, including a very expensive Öhlins vacuum bleeding machine to PROPERLY service all Öhlins TTX and pressurized suspension components.