981040030 - Ducati Warm Up Balaclava

981040030 - Ducati Warm Up Balaclava

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Modern and functional, the new Warm Up balaclava perfectly protects the nape, temples, and chin against the wind. The light compression and ribbed construction on the nape optimize fit, blocking heat loss and insulating against the outside. Parallel mesh areas on the mouth, nose, and ears facilitate heat dispersion in the spots most exposed to transpiration. The Seamless technology used to produce it reduces friction while maintaining total freedom of movement. Excellent for cold climates and winter seasons.

Outside Dryarn fabric (80%PA-15%PPL-5%EA). The fibers used guarantee thermal insulation against the outside, absorbing humidity and sweat before they come into contact with the skin.

Doesn't charge with static electricity

Reinforced areas specifically designed for motorcycle use

Mesh areas to optimize transpiration in the case of excessive heat during performance.


Crease-resistant fabric. No ironing.

No allergic reactions

Does not absorb water, humidity or perspiration. Maintains the body's natural temperature

No pilling

Ergonomic shape