AGV K-5 Solid Helmet - Gloss Black

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PRODUCT CONCEPT K-5 is the new Agv fibreglass and carbon fibre helmet, a point of reference for sports use, but at the same time extremely comfortable. It has been designed taking into account the Agv Extreme Standards, to maximize performance and comfort. The fibreglass and carbon fibre shell guarantees resistance and lightness, while the lines are aerodynamic and streamlined, in true AGV style. Comfort is ensured by the perfect fit, and by the easily operated inner visor. Size is minimized thanks to design studies carried out on racing helmets and the integrated rear spoiler provides excellent stability even at high speed.


SHELL The external shell is made of fibreglass and carbon fibre. The shell is available in 2 sizes. The inner EPS are available in 4 sizes. Each size has 4 different densities, to always guarantee the best safety-lightness ratio, and optimum comfort for each size.

VENTILATION The IVS (Integrated Ventilation System), designed using CFD analysis, features ducts hollowed into the shell for improved air circulation inside the helmet and better aerodynamic efficiency. The use of two front side air intakes, together with another large central air intake, integrated in the shell profile, ensures a consistent flow of fresh air inside the helmet. The back extractors remove the hot moist air inside the helmet, and are fitted with a new ON/OFF system, developed in the wind tunnel, for optimum ventilation. Ventilation system: One air intake IVS

VISOR Depending on the size, K-5 offers two types of visors: GT 2.1 for sizes XS, S, MS and GT 2 for sizes ML, L, XL, XXL. This guarantees perfect adhesion with the shell at all times, to avoid draughts and noise. For this purpose, the visors are also fitted with the new visor edging, which further improves seal and insulation. Visors are treated to prevent scratching and misting, and 100% UV-ray protection is also guaranteed. There is also a new patented micro-opening system, easily operated using a button on the chin guard. This system gives the possibility of locking the visor in the slightly open position, for increased ventilation. The visor opening and closing mechanism has a XQRS system, for quick removal without using tools. K-5 also comes with an internal scratch-resistant, tinted sun visor, which can be removed for cleaning and replacing without using tools.

INNER LINERS The inner liners can be removed and washed and are made from a sanitised Dry-Comfort fabric to prevent the formation of bacteria and the onset of allergies. This fabric contributes to the rapid dispersal of dampness from the skin, the absorption of excess sweat and ensures the rider stays fresh even over long periods of time.

FUNCTIONALITY/SAFETY The retention system has a double D metal ring closing mechanism inspired to the racing world. K-5 is ready for use with the SHARE, the communication system developed by Agv.