Morgan P - Omaha, NE

Morgan P.  – Omaha, NE
2018 Ducati Monster 797


Q:         How long have you been riding a motorcycle and what got you into it originally?



A:         Been riding less than a year. I've grown up around motorcycles and I've always wanted one. My Monster was my graduation gift to myself!



Q:         How did you hear about Ducati and what led you to the brand?



A:         I saw a Ducati Monster on a TV show. It was Arrow, haha! Then I saw the Diavel and was like ooh! That’s sweet. Then I looked at the other models and liked how aggressive the Monster looked.



Q:         What is your favorite thing about your Monster 797?



A:         I like the ability to transition from aggressive and leisure riding. The fact that if I wanted to I can take it on the track but it's a great commuter bike too.



Q:         What kind of riding do you like to do on your Monster 797?



A:         I plan on doing some touring with it but for now I commute with it mostly.



Q:         What other hobbies do you enjoy outside of motorcycles that also compete for your time?



A:         I don't really have much time because I'm up very early in the a.m... Netflix really. Gosh that sounds kind of sad now that I say it Haha! Friends too. But what gets me outside is my Monster!



Q:         What is one reason you would recommend a current rider to the Ducati or Scrambler brand?



A:         The customer service and the superior quality of the bikes.



Q:         What is one thing about owning a Ducati Monster that you would like to tell to someone who doesn't own one?



A:         On top of being extremely fun you kind of turn heads.. I mean I've had several people ask me about mine. There are some presumptions that people make about them but just the fact that on top of it being really fun and really nice it turns heads.