Lisa G - Omaha, NE

Lisa G. – Omaha, NE

2018 Ducati Panigale V4 S

2019 Ducati Monster 821 Stealth


Q:         How long have you been riding a motorcycle and what got you into it originally?

A:         Let’s see.. It was 2007 when I started riding. It would have been John my husband. He had gotten his own motorcycle and I think he rode that for a few months then asked me one day if I wanted to go on a ride. I rode on the back with him like twice and was like “I want my own bike”.  I wanted to be in the driver’s seat!

Q:         How did you hear about Ducati and what led you to the brand?

A:         Ok. John wanted to get a sport bike. He got that BMW. At the time he got that I had a Cross Country and I didn’t like riding that with him on that BMW. He would take off and like I couldn’t keep up with him. I wanted a sport bike shortly after that. I wanted to look at the Ducati because I liked the way they looked. That’s what I wanted, was a Monster. I had my Monster 696 for like two weeks.. But it wasn’t fast enough so I ended up getting the 1200 S hahaha.

Q:         Ha yeah I remember that. So you have a few bikes now. The V4 S for track and the Monster 821. What is your favorite thing about each of these?

A:         I love the auto blipper! It’s on both of them. The V4 is like an indescribable bike. You have to ride it to understand. It’s great on the street too. I love that bike.

Q:         Since you spend your time on track riding the V4 S what kind of riding do you like to do on your Monster 821?

A:         Yeah I like.. just riding around Omaha.  You can still have fun on those bikes doing that. The 821 is real maneuverable, not as tall, doesn’t feel as heavy as the 1200 R I had.

Q:         You mentioned a passion for art earlier but what other hobbies do you enjoy outside of motorcycles that also compete for your time?

A:         That’s like the main thing I do is ride but Umm.. We are currently renovating our house so that’s been taking my time

Q:         What is one reason you would recommend a current rider to the Ducati or Scrambler brand?

A:         Cause they’re the best motorcycles on the road. They really are. I think they are one of the elite brands because of the engineering. Those Italians just know how to make bikes. They have the character plus they’re different from any other bike. They have distinct sound. Plus they’re sexy!

Q:         What is one thing about owning a Ducati that you would like to tell to someone who doesn't own one?

A:         Own one. Then you can tell the difference. I’ve owned Triumph, Kawasaki, and Victory motorcycles. It’s just different. Here you own a Ducati and you are treated like family.