Emery M - Omaha, NE

Emery M. II – Omaha, NE
2018 Ducati XDiavel S

Q:        How long have you been riding a motorcycle and what got you into it originally?

A:         Actually that's a good question.. I can't remember exactly but I would say approximately 15 years - My Dad who owned and rode motorcycles when I was a kid. I think it was a Kawasaki 900cc cruiser type but I can't remember exactly what it was. Ever since I was little I would jump on my Dad's bike in the garage and pretend like I was riding it. My friend Jason who I was working with at the time took the class to get his license so myself and another co-worker took it together and I have been riding since! 


Q:        How did you hear about Ducati and what led you to the brand?

A:         I had already passed by (the shop) along the road but you know I heard they were expensive so I would never be able to afford one. But I really heard of Ducati and particularly the XDiavel while watching a youtube video of a guy who had just got an XDiavel. I stopped into the store one day you know and the rest is history, haha!


Q:        What is your favorite thing about your XDiavel S?

A:         Awe man the looks of it in that white is beautiful and every time I get on it it is like the first time I ever took one out. the bike is nothing you can imagine. It has that muscle and power and there is nothing like that experience.


Q:        What kind of riding do you like to do on your XDiavel S?

A:         I like street riding and the X is an everyday cruiser. I commute on my other bike which is an old GSXR so the X is ridden when if I'm feeling classy or plan on riding for a longer period of time.


Q:        What other hobbies do you enjoy outside of motorcycles that also compete for your time?

A:         Martial Arts and Music! I've been practicing Hapkido for 16 years and I am an instructor and Owner of my own academy in Papillion; EWM Hapkido Academy. But I also love to drum making beats and to produce music.


Q:        What is one reason you would recommend a current rider to the Ducati or Scrambler brand?

A:         I mentioned before how awesome you guys are but also the atmosphere and customer service at Ducati Omaha is over the top! The environment there is lovely and the bikes are nothing you can imagine. There is nothing like the experience.


Q:        What is one thing about owning a Ducati that you would like to tell to someone who doesn't own one?

A:         I would say the prestige of the Brand, I know that sounds bad, but really just the service I experience at Ducati Omaha. I would definitely recommend Ducati for that reason.


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